“I would like to say thank you to Angel Auctions for hosting a charity event for Lupus. My wife suffers from Lupus so this makes it very near to my heart. Chad Blake the founder and Cheryl Blake went above and beyond, by not only making our charity goal donation but surpassing it. That’s one more notch for fighting Lupus. Thanks Chad and Cheryl you guys really do care!” 

-- Donnie Leeman

"Angel Auctions is such an amazing charity organization with amazing people behind it. Chad and Cheryl are a true blessing to so many, including me. They use their time and resources to make magic happen and are more than pleased to do so. A family member was in a time of need and with no hesitation they were there to help lend a hand in any way they could. They are so amazing and active in charity and willing in service. They are the change we want to see in the world." 

--Lindsay Brouilette

"I have DJ'd several events where Angel Auctions has brought their sports memorabilia in to help raise money for various causes.  The quality items always cause excitement among the team fans (and those trying to find gifts for their family and friends who are fans!). Chad is personable and easy to work with as well. I would definitely recommend you to consider using Angel Auctions for your next cause-related fundraising event!"

--Vanessa Hundley, Audioprism Entertainment

"Angel Auctions is not just a good business, but good people. They will not only help draw people to your event and raise money for your cause, but also remain loyal to you, your cause and your business long after the event is over. An Angel Auction is good for business and great for the community. Highly recommend Angel Auctions for your next event."

-- Meghan Laprade Woering

"Having known the owners of Angel Auction for many years, they truly have a passion for helping others and the community. I highly recommend them for your next charity event."

-- Patty Homminga